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Five- year-olds crave the company of other children. Little Learners believes that children have much to learn from each other as well as from Little Learners teachers. The social skills that children learn at Little Learners will benefit them as they move into their formal education. Teachers model and encourage the children to share, take turns, and treating others with respect.

It is important for children of this age to have blocks of time to build and create without interruptions. Little Learners daily schedule allows for these blocks of time. Snack is
served as an option during center time rather than interrupting play to serve snack as a class.

Children will be given many opportunities to write and draw to express themselves. During your child's first days at Little Learners they will begin an individualized reading program. Parents will be a crucial part of literacy development, as they are kept up to date on how they can assist in their child’s progress through games and songs.

Parent-school communication is an integral part of Little Learners Curriculum. Conferences may be scheduled at any time. Teachers will collect samples of your child’s drawing and writing as well as pictures to document your child’s learning which will be collected in a portfolio. This portfolio will begin on your child’s first day and end when your child leaves Little Learners to begin his or her formal education. Newsletters that include the plans for the following month are sent home monthly. Parents are always welcome and should feel free to provide input at Little Learners.


Little Learners is a family owned and operated educational center that provides a high quality full day program.


(847) 253-4800


1060 West Rand Road
1060 West Rand Road
Arlington Heights, IL 60004
Arlington Heights, IL 60004


Monday - Friday
Monday - Friday
07:00 AM - 6:00 PM
07:00 AM - 6:00 PM