Phonics / Reading Program


Ms. Kerry

Ms. Kerry has an Elementary  Education Degree from National Louis University. She Joined the Little Learners Family in October of 2014  and has run the phonics/  reading program for the Pre-primary, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten students since 2015. 

Phonics/ Reading Program

Every day each child meets with Ms. Kerry individually on letter names and sounds, blending simple words or reading phonics books.  

Letter Names and Sounds

Children will be introduced to letters and sounds.  As they recall new letter sounds, they will be introduced  to new ones until they can recall all the letter sounds. 

Blending Simple Words

After the children can recall all the letter sounds, they are introduced to blending simple words using word families.  The first word family is  the -op family with hop, mop top and pop. They will be introduced to 2 word families for each vowel. 

Reading Simple Books

After the children have practice blending simple words, they are introduced to simple books that contain a majority of words that can be decoded using their knowledge of phonics. The books will also introduce high frequency words that they will see often in easy readers. When they can read the book with little or no assistance, they will bring a copy home to add to their reading library.  The children should read the books in their library to parents, family members and pets as often as possible to assist in their reading fluency.